The Best Place for You to Stay is Ultimately a Book

By hans, 22 februari 2022

Twenty-seven stories from the Writers’ Hotel

The twenty-seven stories included in this book form the heart of a project that was begun during the long lockdown in the winter of 2020-21) with the working title Sheltering in the Writers’ Hotel.

Bookshops had been closed for months and for the authors there were no tours, no readings, no signings, no national Book Ball, no live awards ceremonies… The writers stayed away from the Ambassade Hotel and we missed them.

After all, what is a writers’ hotel without writers? pen without ink? This is how the idea came about to invite one author each week over six months to stay at the Ambassade Hotel and describe their writing lives at that time.

Throughout the period May to November 2021, the newspaper Het Parool published the Writers’ Hotel columns in its weekly Arts Section


  • Introduction
  • Arnon Grunberg
  • Alma Mathijsen
  • Esther Verhoef
  • Jessica Durlacher
  • Thomas Heerma van Voss
  • Annejet van der Zijl
  • Daan Heerma van Voss
  • Hanna Bervoets
  • Aaf Brandt Corstius
  • Adriaan van Dis
  • Annelies Verbeke
  • Marente de Moor
  • Auke Hulst
  • Susan Smit
  • Bette Westera
  • Maartje Wortel
  • Tom Lanoye
  • Tommy Wieringa
  • Pieter Waterdrinker
  • Jan Mulder
  • Ronald Giphart
  • lan Buruma
  • Roxane van Iperen
  • Abdelkader Benali
  • Jeroen Thijssen
  • Stine Jensen
  • Marjolijn de Cocq
  • Acknowledgements
  • Biographies
  • In Collaboration With

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Copyright © 2022 This edition: Samsara Publishers, Amsterdam

Editorial: copy editors at the newspaper Het Parool and Marte Meijs

Original cover photo: RonaId Tilleman

Photography: Jasmine Gunther, Ireen Wyers and Adinda Bekema

Design cover and interior: Erik Thé,

Translation: Paul Evans

Copyediting: Vimbai Shire

ISBN 9789493228863

NUR 325

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